High School Prep Camp

Updated: March 16, 2015
Are you turning 14-18 during this calendar year, and thinking you might like to try rowing in TCYR’s Fall Competitive Season?
Maybe you just aren’t sure yet, and want a little more than the L2R experience?
Well…JOIN US this August at High School Prep Camp!
The only pre-requisite is that you MUST be a functional swimmer. 
Lessons are on the lake, so you MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM 50 yards and tread water!
Coaches are trained/certified by US Rowing, and provide age-appropriate workouts and instruction for the new rower at the competitive level.
JOIN US, for some great times, new friends, and new experiences! Don’t miss the boat!
High School Summer Camp Session (14-18 years)
HS Prep Camp
Mon-Thurs, August 2 – 5, 2021
9 am – 11:00 AM

Location: Bryant Lake Regional Park, 6800 Rowland Rd, Eden Prairie, MN
(Camps form near boat rental building) Size: Min. 8/Max 30

Please wear a T-shirt, tight-fitted shorts/spandex (no long/basketball shorts), socks and sneakers.  Bring a water bottle (no metal) and a towel.

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For more information regarding joining the Fall Program, please contact recruiting@tcyrc.org

Please note: TCYR reserves the right to cancel if the minimum number of participants is not reached for a camp.

Should we cancel the session, we will refund your money or apply the funds to the Fall Competitive Season, per your request.