High School Competitive Team

Updated: March 2, 2021

The Competitive Team is the core of our organization, and is made up of athletes from over 10 different high schools from the Twin Cities metro area. The Comp team is an amazingly rewarding experience that combines intense workouts, teamwork, rowing, and competition to produce champions from all walks of life. Depending on the season, we have anywhere from 40-150 athletes participating in daily practices. No experience is necessary; new members start with the Novice squads, where they will spend anywhere from 3-12 months competing against other similarly experienced rowers, before being moved up to the Varsity squads.

We work very hard at TCYR to ensure that daily practices are a safe space for everyone. This means a space free of bullying, prejudice, and bigotry; a space where team members work with, and for, each other. To that end, we expect all of our team members (including staff and volunteers) to abide by a strict Code of Conduct, for the safety and comfort of everyone involved.

There are two positions on the team: the Rower and the Coxswain. The majority of any rowing team will be comprise of Rowers, athletes of any size (preferably on the taller side) that perform the physical labor that it takes to move a boat (preferably faster than slower.) Anyone can be a Rower. Most of our team members are Rowers.  The team also has Coxswains. Every team NEEDS a number of coxswains (preferably good ones) to act as the “brain” of the boat. Coxswains have many duties, including steering the boat, managing the technical side of practice, and executing racing strategy on race day. Coxswains tend to be smaller than rowers (minimum weight is 120lbs for boys and 110 for girls), and are obnoxiously bright, and tenaciously loud. So, whether you are a Rower or a Coxswain, we can use you both on the team!

V4+ Boys